Friday, 23 August 2013

Powerful Search Extension for Firefox and Chrome

Imagine, You are reading a review about a movie and you want to hear a particular song mentioned in that review. All you have to do is the following,
1.Highlight the text (Song) using mouse.
2.Press "M" button to search the song in beemp3. (Can Google by pressing "G")

That's all. See how simple it is. You can also search for the Video song by pressing "Y" which will YouTube the selected text.

You can also right click and select the action. You can hide the searches from displaying when you right click. You can change the behaviour of opening like "Open in a new tab" or new window as your wish. You can change the hotkey from existing to some other key under preferences menu. Default Added Searches are as follows.

Google -G
Bing -B
Google Images -I
Wikipedia -W
YouTube -Y
4shared -4 -T
Beemp3 -M -E

You can also add your Favourite Search Engines.

Download Links:
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome

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